Organic Breakfast Boost Blend
Organic Breakfast Boost Blend

Organic Breakfast Boost Blend

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A fruity, phytonutrient rich power blend packed full of antioxidants and Vitamic C.  A breakfast boost full of physical and mental energising properties that slow release to keep you primed and alert.  Use in your breakfast smoothie or juice, or sprinkle on cereal.

  • Low Gi
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • GMO Free
  • No Fillers or Additives
  • Certified Organic 
Heath Benefits of Buddha Organics Breakfast Boost Blend:

Organic Ginseng Powder - Used to combat fatigue, restore energy & mental alertness
Organic Pomegranate Powder - Contains a diversity of vitamins & minerals. Particularly high in antioxidants, Vitamin C & potassium
Organic Rosehip Powder - Contains an amazing amount of Vitamin C and used as an immune booster & energiser
Organic Lemon Myrtle Powder - Contains calmative properties to soothe and relax. High in antioxidants and Vitamin C
Organic Liquorice Powder - Used to help the body fight coughs & colds
Organic Brindleberry Powder - Known to promote lipid oxidation to help break down and remove fatty acids in the body
Organic Acai Berry Powder - One of the highest sources of antioxidants on the planet
Goji Berry Powder - A nutritionally dense fruit with powerful antioxidant and immune boosting properties



Add 1 teaspoon to your favourite smoothie or juice, sprinkle on your yoghurt and cereals or just add to water.

Caffeine Free.



Organic ginseng powder, organic pomegranate powder, organic rosehip powder, organic lemon myrtle powder, organic brindleberry powder, organic acai berry powder, organic goji berry powder.


Australian & Imported ingredients, packed in Australia

Information on these products is not intended as medical advice.  Some powders may not be recommended for people with certain allergies, who are taking certain medications, are pregnant or breast feeding.  Consult your practitioner before taking. 

Organic Breakfast Boost Blend
Organic Breakfast Boost Blend
Organic Breakfast Boost Blend
Organic Breakfast Boost Blend